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  • Apple Cookies
    Food & Recipes

    Apple Cookies

    If you are craving sugar but don’t want to eat something that derails your healthy eating habits, this is for you! It’s refined sugar-free and gluten-free. Also, you need just six…

  • homemade granola
    Food & Recipes

    Homemade Granola

    I’m a huge granola fan! It’s been too long since I had to say goodbye to my favourite granola brands. You know why – they include lots of refined sugar and…

  • IMG_3765
    Food & Recipes

    Banana Bread

    I like bananas, and everything includes them. I tried this recipe for three times and every time I just wanted to get a sweeter taste, and this is the winner! It’s…

  • Meri's Brownie
    Food & Recipes

    Meri’s Brownie

    Who doesn’t like brownies? I mean, is there anything better than a brownie&coffee out there? Especially in the winter time, when we struggle to keep our happiness level high 🙂 I’m an avid…

  • lemon&coco cake
    Food & Recipes

    Lemon & Coco Cake

    This recipe is adapted from the original lemon&poppy seed cake. I was so excited to try my own version and actually made it better with my favourite; coconut! It doesn’t include any…

  • Meri's Cocoa Cake
    Food & Recipes

    Strawberry Cocoa Cake

    What comes to your mind when you hear the word “cake”? I know what does, lots of sugar and flour but also a great taste to die for! Of course you may…

  • oat cookies 1
    Food & Recipes

    Sugar-free Oat Cookies

    If you’re like me and often crave sweet snacks, I have a great recipe for you: Oat cookies! You know, the only solution to get rid of sugar addiction is to…

  • matcha tea latte
    Food & Recipes

    Matcha Tea Latte

    My first experience with matcha tea latte was a disaster! I tried it with a friend in a cafe and it was the worst drink we’ve ever had. We could just…