Every year for our birthdays, we plan trips to cities we’ve never been before. I think it’s the best way to make precious and unforgettable memories. That’s why last April, we went to Rome to celebrate my hubby’s birthday!

Rome is a wonderful city and if I had to choose three words to describe it, I would say; food, history, and joy. We spent 5 days there, which was enough to see Rome but it’s not enough to live Rome. We tried a variety of perfect Italian food, had great coffee and visited historical places at the same time – so I wish I could try more pizza, pasta, wine, tiramisu or I wish I could spend more time in Trastevere in the daytime with a glass of spritz. That’s why I want to go there one more time, but next time just for joy!

We stayed at an airbnb flat there, and it was amazing, strongly recommend it.





Here is my Rome food spots fav list:

Trastevere: This is a touristy neighbourhood in Rome with full of bars, cafes, restaurants.. It was lively and had a cosy spirit. Its atmosphere is always changing, so it must be visited at night and in the daytime.

La Prosciutteria: It’s an amazing spot in Trastevere to get a fabulous lunch. They have the best charcuterie board I’ve ever tried, I’m a big fan of this place and we’ll visit them again for sure!

Cantina e Cucina: The restaurant we chose for my hubby’s birthday dinner, we tried their pizza and it was amazing. We also ordered one tiramisu to share, but needed to order one more then 🙂

Bar del Fico: It’s the most famous bar in Rome. When I was searching places before our trip, I came across Bar del Fico recommendations so often. And yes, they were right, Bar del Fico is a must see trendy place there. We went there after dinner to hang out and loved their espresso martini.

Grom: After trying a few ice cream shops in Rome, I can say that all was good but Grom was the best, also it’s organic! You can find them everywhere, even in some tube stations.

And 2 more recommendations! No more food 🙂 A touristy place and a spa:

Castle of the Holy Angel: With its amazing view, it was my favourite touristy spot in Rome. It’s the best place to capture spectacular Rome photos.


Kami Spa: I really like experience gift ideas, and a spa day in Kami Spa was my birthday gift for him. It was amazing and of course it was a good experience for me as a gift from me to me 🙂


I hope this will help you to have a good time in Rome.

Please never feel remorse for what you eat on holidays. There should be a balance in our lives. The holidays should be the best time of the year, not the most rigid. Just enjoy!

And again, happy birthday my handsome!


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